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Get Your Amateur Radio Licence!


The UK Scanning Directory

                                               9th Edition


9th Edition UK Scanning Directory

Britain's Most Comprehensive Radio Frequency List Covering Everything From Aircraft to Zoos

 Packed full of VHF/UHF frequencies from 26MHz to 2.5GHz.

Aeronautical Navigation Amateur Radio
Ambulance Service CB
Civil Aviation Commercial Broadcasting
Digital Radio Fire Brigade
Maritime Military Aviation
Mobile Telephones Ministry of Defence
Outside Broadcasting Links Paging
PMR Point - Point Links
Police Radio Microphones
Satellite Link & Navigation TV Broadcasting
26MHz - 2.5GHz Zoos


Thousands of Verified Frequencies Listed.

Verified not only officially but also by listeners to ensure that only the used frequencies are printed.

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Advance Manual

Advance - The Full Licence Manual

by Alan Betts, G0HIQ & Steve Hartley, G0FUW

This book is the third course-book in the RSGB series for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio licence. In line with the progressive three-tier UK licence structure Advance! the Full Licence Manual completes the natural progression from Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation and Foundation Licence Now!

Advance! the Full Licence Manual contains all of the information required to move to the final stage of amateur radio licensing. Based on the best-selling Radio Amateurs Examination Manual, the book has been extensively updated to match the Full licence syllabus. Broken down into logical sections to match the full licence syllabus the book is ideal for all those studying for the Full licence. Presented in an accessible style this book contains everything necessary for home study. Advance! the Full Licence Manual is also the ideal companion to a formal training course. The book provides a useful reference source and so will also find a home on the shelves of many amateurs who have passed the examination.

Advance! the Full Licence Manual is a "must have" for everyone progressing to the Full licence and is the best route to success in the examination.

Intermidiate Manual

Intermediate Licence Book

Edited by Steve Hartley, G0FUW

With the introduction of the new Intermediate Licence Syllabus the RSGB is pleased to present our new companion book for those working to pass the exam. Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation draws heavily on the decade of success enjoyed by the Novice Licence scheme and in particular the Novice Student's Notebook by John Case, GW4HWR. However, this is more than a new edition with it adopting the easy to read and understand style of the hugely popular Foundation Licence - Now, that many readers will be familiar with. The book is broken down into manageable half-hour worksheets and contains practical exercises along with plenty of helpful advice and safety tips. This is the course workbook for the Intermediate Licence, and as such contains all the information covered during the 20 hours recommended for the course. This is the ideal book for every Intermediate Licence student.



Foundation Licence - Now !

By Alan Betts, G0HIQ

If you want to obtain an Amateur Radio Foundation Licence this book is for you. This is the latest 2007 edition of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) book that contains all that is required to obtain a Foundation licence. Even if you just want to know about Amateur Radio this book provides insight into the technical basics, receivers, transmitters and antennas. How and where to operate with your new licence are covered along with safety considerations and electromagnetic compatibility. Written in an easy to use and understand style this is the ideal book for young and old alike.
RSGB, paperback, 297 by 210mm, 36 pages, ISBN: 9781-8723-0980-4



RSGB Yearbook 2011 Edition   

There are now in excess of 72,500 amateur radio licences on issue in the UK a number which has grown by over 15,000 in less than ten years. If you want to have the very latest listing of UK licences then the best source is as always the RSGB Yearbook 2011. With nearly 200 additional pages of the very latest amateur radio information from the UK and worldwide, the RSGB Yearbook 2011 is an indispensable guide for everyone.
INCLUDES FREE CD. Some buy this book for the CD alone not only do you get all of the information pages of the yearbook in a fully searchable format you also get, loads of bonus material. This CD contains over 300MB of the latest and best amateur radio software, sample chapters form RSGB books, extra club information and more.

Everything about amateur radio in one place, fully updated and easy to follow, that's the RSGB Yearbook 2011.

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