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Scanners & Receivers

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Listen To The World Of Communications.




Please note that at present there are no scanners or receivers in the UK that are capable of decoding digital police transmissions (Tetra).

If & when these become available we will publish details here.

AirNav RadarBoxPro

• Real-Time Radar Mode-S & ADS-B Decoder
• No Need For External PSU
• Plug & Play Out The Box Via USB Connection
• No Programming Needed
• No Need For Third Party Files
• No Live Data Delay
• World Data Sharing Included
• Automatic Picture Library
• Extremely Stable Platform
• Lightweight Easy To Carry Aluminium Box
• High Definition Worldwide Map Layers
• Worldwide Aviation Database Included
• 1 Million+ Locations - Shorelines, Borders & Cities
• Quick Location Feature
• Worldwide Elevation Data
• Watch The Action Live From Home
• Zoom Worldwide To Runway Level
• Network Your Station With Others
• Centre Map On Your Home
• Everything You Need Apart From The PC!

Software Features:
- Track flights in real-time
- Second by second updates on flight number
aircraft registration, altitude, speed, heading
and vertical speed
- Real-time retrieval of aircraft details including registration, company, aircraft type
- Based on the award winning AirNav Systems 3D multi-window map interface
- Easy plug & play USB connection - no complex time consuming setup
- ACARS Decoder interface
- Real-time weather information
- Photo’s of all tracked aircraft
- Export data and generate reports in XML, Text and PDF
- Share screen shots or send logs automatically to your friends
- MyLog feature - log all and share with all your friends all the aircraft you receive
- Alert generation for specific aircraft or in-range flights
- Radar player to review airspace recordings
- Editable callsign database included: know the origin and destination of each flight

Plug In & Play Simply connect the AirNav RadarBox-Pro to your computer using the USB cable provided, install the software from the CD, attach the supplied aerial and start tracking flights in real time.

The only one to offer world network sharing.

What is Airnav RadarBox-Pro? Airnav RadarBox is the closest you can be to real world aviation without leaving your chair thanks to next generation radar decoding. By decoding ADB-S (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) Radar Signals, you will be able to see on your computer what real Air Traffic Controllers see on their screens in Real-Time. Flight number, aircraft type, altitude, heading, speed are all updated each second. Included is the award winning software interface developed by the world’s leader in flight tracking and monitoring solutions, AirNav Systems. AirNav RadarBox-Pro is equipped to be used in any location all over the world. 3D Multi-window maps with worldwide coverage, more than 200,000 geographic points included. Airports, runways, VOR, NDB, FIX, cities, roads, airways, elevation data.

screenshot click to enlarge

What’s In The Box? RadarBox-Pro comprises the software, 1.090GHz data receiver and an antenna. The antenna can be used either at home, or by removing the bottom plate to expose the magnetic base, enabling it to be mounted on a car roof. All you will need is a Windows PC because the system is self-powered via the supplied USB cable. Receiver Size: 124w x 104d x 22h mm Receiver Weight: 236g Antenna Height: 300mm

For price & availability, please email :

Close Call™ RF Capture facility - 'listens' for nearby or 'close' transmissions

Uniden UBC3500XLT Handheld Scanner

The new UBC3500XLT is the new flagship in handheld scanners, with the most comprehensive list of features ever offered by bearcat. They include 2500 dynamic channels, close call, quick keys, CTCSS and DCS squelch modes, repeater reverse, dropout delay, channel alert, memory check, scan and search operation, custom alerts, automatic channel steps, quick recall, text tagging, data skip,  memory backup, pc control and cloning, and much more.

Freq: 25-512Mhz - 806 - 1300 MHz
Memories: 2500 Dynamic channels
10 Programmable search banks

3 Selectable Band plans
Air band search - pre programmed
Close Call™ RF Capture facility
Close Call - do not disturb function
Quick Keys
Frequency Steps : 5/6.25/7.5/10/12.5/15/20/15/50/100Khz and 8.33 kHz for Air band.  
CTCSS and DCS Squelch
Lockout Function
Alarm function
Repeater function
Automatic Channel Steps
Scan delay Function
Custom Screen
Quick Recall
Alpha-numeric Tags
Data Skip
Auto Store
Batteries save function
Cloning Function
Channel Hold Function
Display Contrast Control

Size :  61w x 31d x 131h  mm

The scanner is supplied with  :

 wrist strap, AC adaptor, batteries, belt clip, BNC/SMA adaptor, owners manual.

We can programme this radio with your choice of frequencies free of charge.

Drop us a line with your requirements at time of order.

For price & availability, please email :



AM / NFM Handheld Scanner

200 Memories

25 - 87.26 / 108 - 136.98 / 138 - 157.98 / 158 - 173.99 / 406 - 512 MHz

Airband 12.5/8.33kHz

Backlit display

Direct channel access

Compact design

With "Close Call"


  • User manual

  • Antennas  x 2 - Standard & Stubby

  • Belt Clip

  • Wrist strap

  • AC adaptor

  • Batteries

  • Headset (shown in picture)

  • PC connection cable

For price & availability, please email :



AM / NFM Handheld Scanner

With "Close Call"





Frequency Range (MHz)

Step (kHz)

Mode Transmission
25.0-27.995 5 AM

Citizens Band/Business Band


5 FM

10 Meter Amateur Band


12.5 FM

6 Meter Amateur Band

108.0-136.9875   12.5 AM Aircraft Band


5 FM

2 Meter Amateur Band

148.0-174.0   12.5 FM VHF High Band
400.0-512.0   6.25 FM Land Mobile Band




For price & availability, please email :



With "Close Call"

The new bearcat UBC800XLT is a state of the art mobile scanner, with many new features including GPS input, and 6000 ! dynamically allocated channels, location based scanning, "close call" that instantly tunes to nearby signals, trunk tracker 111 mode, DIN-E standard single slot size for easy vehicle mounting, backlit keypad and display for easy viewing, and many other great user friendly features.

Features :

  • Bearcat UBC800XLT - GPS enabled mobile scanner
  • Frequency coverage - 25-512, 806-960, 1240-1300 MHz
  • Operating modes - AM/FM/WFM
  • Step sizes - 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100/Auto (kHz)
  • User -programmable frequencies - 6000 dynamic for quick storage
  • Location based scanning - for auto system selection as you travel ( GPS required)
  • Pre-programmed Service Banks - makes finding interesting active frequencies even easier
  • 101 System Keys - for ultra-fast selection of your favourite channels
  • Channel alert - catch activity from your choice of channels + 9 unique alert tones
  • Memory backup - if power is lost, the scanner retains all memory information
  • GPS display mode - for extended gps information such as distance to POI, time, position etc (GPS required)
  • Close Call - Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters
  • Multi-site trunking support - easily programmable for multi-site operation
  • Software - Included Butel ARC800LiTe CD for windows XP. 2000, and Vista
  • Leads - Included connecting leads to computer, car power lead, dc power lead
  • Mains adaptor - supplied multi-region switch mode power supply for home use
  • Instruction manual - supplied comprehensive operator manual

For price & availability, please email :



Channels 200 80 100 200 2.500
Frequency Range MHz
  • 87.5 -107.9
  • 108 - 136.9875
  • 137 - 173.99
  • 25 - 88
  • 137 - 174
  • 406 - 512
  • 25 - 87.26
  • 108 - 136.98
  • 138 - 157.98
  • 158 - 173.99
  • 406 - 512
  • 25 - 88
  • 108 - 174
  • 406 - 512
  • 806 - 906
  • 25 - 54
  • 108 - 174
  • 216 - 225
  • 400 - 512
  • 800 - 956
  • 1240 - 1300
Receiving Mode AM / NFM /WFM NFM AM / NFM AM / NFM AM / NFM / WFM
Scanning Speed 25Ch/Sec 50Ch/Sec 10Ch/Sec 10Ch/Sec 100Ch/Sec
Frequency Steps 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/50kHz 5/6.5/10/12.5kHz 5 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5kHz 5 / 12.5kHz 5 to 100 kHz
Power Supply 3 x AA batteries or Ni-MH (not included) 2 x AA or Ni-MH (not supplied) 2 x AA Ni-MH or 6V DC 4.8V NiCad pack or 12V DC 2 x AA or 6VDC
Dimensions      W x H x D 53 x 104 x 28mm 68 x 115 x 31.5mm 68 x 115 x 31.5mm 65 x 156 x 40mm 65 x 153 x 45mm
Weight 0.100kg 0.165kg 0.165kg 0.32kg 0.35kg


Air Band / FM Radio - VHF High Band


  • Frequency coverage and Mode: 87.5-107.9MHz WFM, 108-136.9875MHz AM, 137-173.99MHz NFM
  • Frequency Steps: 5kHz, 6.25kHz, 8.33kHz, 10kHz, 12.5kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz, 50kHz and 100kHz
  • Modes: AM, FM, WFM
  • Memories: 200
  • Scanning features: Priority, Lockout, Search Skip, programmable delay
  • Scan rate: 25 channels per second
  • Priority channel sampling rate: 2 seconds
  • Backlit display
  • IF’s 51.5MHz, 450kHz (not WFM)
  • Audio output: 400mW max
  • Power requirement: 3 x AA alkaline or NiMH batteries (not supplied)
  • Squelched power consumption: 36mA typical
    Antenna socket: BNC
  • Earphone socket: 3.5mm

For price & availability, please email :


UBC-3300XLT             UBC-800XLT             UBC-280XLT



For price & availability, please email :



PSR-255 PSR-282 PSR-295 MAYCOM FR-100
Channels 50 200 1,000 150
Frequency Range
  • 26-54
  • 68-88
  • 137-174
  • 380-512
  • 68-88
  • 118-137
  • 137-174
  • 380-512
  • 25 - 88
  • 118 - 136.99
  • 137 - 174
  • 216 - 225
  • 225.0125 - 512
  • 806 - 960
  • 1240 -1300
  • 66-174
  • 420-470
Receiving Mode NFM AM / NFM AM / FM AM / NFM / WFM
Scanning Speed 25Ch/Sec 25Ch/Sec 60Ch/Sec -
Frequency Steps 5 / 12.5kHz 8.33kHz (airband) 5, 10,12. & 8.33 kHz (airband) 5 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 / 200kHz
Power Supply 6 x AA or 9V DC 4 x AA or 9V DC 4 x AA or 9V DC 4.8V NiCad pack or 12V DC
Dimensions      W x H x D 63 x 161 x 43mm 63 x 145 x 40mm 62 x 157 x 41mm 58 x 103 x 27mm
Weight 0.27kg 0.25kg 0.240kg 0.32kg


PSR-214FR 100

PSR-214                   FR 100


Frequency Range:
100 kHz ~ 1299.995 MHz
Frequency Channel Steps:
5,6.25,9,10,12.5,15,20,25,30,50 and 100 kHz.
Receiving Modes:
640 (ten banks of 64)
100 kHz ~ 5MHz, AM 1.5 uV (10 dB S/N)
5 MHz ~ 160 MHz, AM 0.6 uV (-4.4 dB), NFM 0.3uV (-10.4), WFM 1.0uV (-1 dB)
160 MHz ~ 370 MHz, AM 0.6 uV (-4.4 dB), NFM 0.3 uV (-10.4 dB), WFM 0.6 uV (-4.4 dB)
370 MHz ~ 520 MHz, NFM 0.3uV (-10.4 dB), WFM 1.0 uV (-0 dB)
520 MHz ~ 1299.995 MHz, NFM 0.7 uV (-3.0 dB), WFM 3.0 uV (9.5 dB)
Current Drain:
95 mA (at 50mW audio 8 Ohms)
  15 mA (1:4 battery Save On)
55 mA (Squelched, Save Off)
Battery Voltage:
2.2 ~ 3.5 VDC (nominal 3V)
Battery Size:
2 AA cells (not supplied)
External DC Voltage:
5.5-10 VDC
Operating Temperature Range:
+14°F ~ +122°F (-10°C ~ +50°C)
Antenna Impedance:
50 Ohms
Antenna Connector Type:
Speaker Impedance:
8 Ohms
Audio Output Power:
80 mW 8 ohms
Case Size:
2.3(W) x 3.4(H) x 1 UK p&p £14 in (58 x 85 x 26 mm) w/o antenna/knobs
195 g (including antenna/battery)
  • Wide Frequency Coverage
  • 640 Alpha Memories
  • Triple Conversion
  • Backlit LCD
  • BNC Antenna
  • Attenuator
  • Mini Audio Jack
  • Manual Tuning Knob
  • S-Meter Buzzer
  • Dual Watch
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • AM Bar Antenna










For price & availability, please email :


Brand new entry level scanner receiver from TTI designed to appeal to the air band enthusiasts and other HAM radio hobbyists.

Focused on Air band, VHF band, VHF Low Band (66-88MHz) and WFM Broadcat band, this scanning receiver prides itself with exceptionally high receive sensitivity combined with clear and crisp audio.

Simplified user friendly functions, along with clear and easy to follow instructions are going to make this receiver a hit with novice scanner enthusiasts.

This unit like other similar entry level models is supplied as unit only with antenna but also includes an SMA to BNC adaptor to allow for alternative antenna connection.

Although this unit operates with rechargeable or alkaline batteries, we suggest using with alkaline batteries for longer battery life. Please note batteries are not included, they are an optional extra.

There will be an alternative model which includes Blue-tooth facility due out in the future.



  • 200 Memories

  • 10 Banks (Variable Memory)

  • Multiple Frequency Steps

  • Dual Watch

  • Squelch Level Adjustment

  • Keypad Lock

  • Beep Tone

  • LCD Backlighting

  • Automatic Power Save

  • Scan and Search

  • External Earphone Jack

  • AM and FM Reception

  • Band Selection


  • 66-88MHz, 88-108MHz, 108-136MHz, 136-174MHz.

  • Steps: 5 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 25 / 50 / 100 / 500KHz

  • 200 Channel Memories

  • 9v DC for charging Ni-MH batteries only 

  • Weight with 4 x AAA Batteries: 120g (please note batteries not supplied with unit)

  • Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms

  • Dimensions: 56 (W) x 99.5 (H) x 30 (D) mm (without antenna)



For price & availability, please email :


Alinco DJ-X7E

Alinco DJ-X7


Catch the action on many interesting bands, or just enjoy your favourite music and news on radio or TV with a receiver that fits in your shirt pocket ! When you hear the amazing audio quality you might think you are listening to a high quality desktop scanning receiver. But the DJ-X7 gives you all those capabilities in a size and weight that makes it easy to take almost anywhere. Leading the way in miniature electronics technology with its revolutionary "credit card" size transceivers and multi mode scanning receivers, Alinco sets a new standard for excellence with the DJ-X7E.

Features: Frequency range 0.1 - 1300Mhz Continuous Coverage, Modes triple conversion AM/FM double conversion WFM, mode selectable regardless of the frequency range, 1000 Memory Channels, easy to program with free downloadable software (optional cable required), Five operating modes, Preset, Programmed, Memory, VFO, and Tone Scan, Lithium Ion Battery pack, Three different antenna modes-earphone antenna, internal bar antenna, and external SMA antenna, an optional external base antenna can also be used. 39 tone squelch. Attenuator (approx20db), Auto Power Off, Key Touch Beep (selectable), Battery Save, Priority Receive, Monitor/Mute, Memory Save, Cable Clone, KeyLock, Pager Function Alert, Standard Adaptor charges the Lithium Ion Battery, and operates with AC power   ( listen while charging ), Illuminated LCD, Analogue inversion scrambler decoder, (E Version).

Supplied with: Instruction manual, Li-Ion Battery Pack, Mains Adapter, SMA Whip Antenna, Antenna Cap, Curl-Cable Earphone.

Optional Accessories: Soft Case, Straight Cable Earphone, 12VDC Cable, PC Interface Cable.

  • Receiver range: 0.100 - 1299.995MHz continuous
    (USA T-version cellular-band blocked 824.000-849.995MHz, 869.000-894.995MHz)

  • Mode: A3E (AM) / F3E (FM, WFM)

  • Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced / SMA-port

  • Operating battery voltage: DC3.7V (external DC port DC3.7V-6.0V)

  • Current consumption: Approx. 90mA average/Approx. 65mA stand-by/Approx 22mA battery-save on

  • Frequency stability: -7 to +3ppm at -10c to +60c

  • Dimension without projection: 58(W) x 96(H) x 14.5 UK p&p £14 mm

  • Weight:103g antenna/battery inclusive

  • Receiver: Triple-conv. Super-heterodyne (NFM, AM) / Double-conv. Super-heterodyne (WFM)
    1st IF: 243.95MHz
    2nd IF: 39.15MHz (NFM, AM) 10.70MHz (WFM)
    3rd IF: 450KHz (NFM, AM)

  • Sensitivity: Typical values in the bands, not the minimum guaranteed values
    FM / 30 to 470MHz : 12dBu (0.25uV), 470MHz or higher 6dBu (0.5uV) 12dBSINAD
    WFM / 76-470MHz : 2dBu (0.8uV), 470MHz or higher 9dBu (2.8uV) 12dBSINAD
    AM / 0.1-50MHz : 0dBu (1.0uV), 50MHz 8dBu (0.4uV) 10dBS/N

  • Selectivity: 6dB 12kHz or more, 60dB 35kHz or less (NFM, AM), 6dB 130kHz or more, 60dB 300kHz or more (WFM)

  • Audio Output power: Max 100mW or more (8ohms)

  • Typical operating time: Approx. 19 hours with EBP58N (RX 1: Stand-by 4 BS-on)

AM/FM and TV audio bands have been pre-set to make it easy to enjoy the DJ-X7E right from the start.

For price & availability, please email :

 IC-R1500 Communications Receiver

Face off kit to facilitate mobile use

0.01 ~ 3299.999 MHz

The IC-R1500 covers 0.01 ~ 3299.999MHz  in AM, FM & WFM modes (0.495-1300MHz only in SSB and CW modes). 1Hz fine tuning resolution is available in all bands. When connected to a PC, all functions can be controlled by the click of a mouse or from keyboard input.


  • • Frequency coverage         : 0.010–3299.999MHz*

  •   Guaranteed range               0.495–3000.000MHz

  • • Mode                               : AM, FM, WFM, USB*, LSB*, CW*

  •                                                   * 0.01–1300MHz only.

  • • Usable temperature range:

  •                 With controller       0°C to +60°C; +32°F to +140°F

  •                 Without controller  –10°C to +60°C; +14°F to +140°F

  • • Frequency stability            : Less than ±3ppm on the basis of

  •                                                  25°C (–10°C to +60°C)

  • • Tuning steps                     : 1Hz (minimum)

  • • Power supply                    : 12.0V DC ±15%

  • • Current drain (12.0V DC, IC-PCR1500):

  •                 Max. audio             : 0.85A typ.

  •                 Stand-by                : 0.7A typ.

  • • Antenna Impedance         : 50Ω(BNC)

  • • Dimensions (WxHxD, projections are not included) :

  •   Main unit              146x41x206 mm; 53⁄4x15⁄8x81⁄8 in

  •   Controller            111x40x26.5 mm; 43⁄8x19⁄16x11⁄32 in


  • • Weight (approx:)                :

  •   Main unit              1200g; 2.6lb

  •   Controller            200g; 7oz (including cable)

  • 0.01 to 3299.999MHz wideband coverage
  • with SSB, CW, AM, FM, WFM modes

  • User selectable interface - PC or remote control

  • Same functions as IC-PCR1500 when connected to a PC

  • Multi-channel monitor function

  • High speed scanning of up to 60 channels per second

  • VSC, CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch

  • Two types of bandscope

  • Optional UT-106 DSP unit

  • 2 Year Warranty


For price & availability, please email :




0.5 ~ 2,450MHz

Icom IC-R3


Handheld Audio/Visual Receiver

  • TV receiver equipped with 2 inch TFT LCD

  • Various commercial applications

  • Band scope function (adjacent 5ch. From the operating frequency)

  • Wide band coverage (Frequency range : 0.5 ~ 2,450MHz)

  • Lithium-ion battery (1600mAh)

  • Alkaline battery also can be used.

  • 400 memory channels

  • Simple to use

  • Fast memory and frequency scan







For price & availability, please email :


Icom IC-R20


Communications Receiver

  • Dualwatch capability (in selected bands)
  • 0.150 to 3304.999MHz wideband coverage in SSB, CW, AM, FM, WFM modes
  • Built-in 260 minute digital (audio) recorder
  • High speed scanning – 100ch/sec (VFO scan)
  • Total of 1250 memory channels
  • Standard Lithium-Ion battery that allows up to 11 hours of continuous receive capability (FM mode, single receive)
  • Operation and charging from an external power source
  • Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM and earphone cord antenna for FM broadcasts
  • VSC, CTCSS and DTCSS tone squelch
  • Useful bandscope
  • Optional CT-17, CI-V controller for PC remote control
  • Dial speed up function…When rotating the tuning knob rapidly, the tuning speed automatically speeds up.
  • Scan pause setting (2-20 seconds and hold) and scan resume (0-5 seconds and hold) setting.
  • Auto power off (30-120 minutes and busy)….Busy setting turns off the IC-R20 when signal is received for 3 minutes.
  • Various key lock functions…All, No SQL, No VOL and Normal lock settings.
  • Rotary selector and up/down buttons are reversible.

  For price & availability, please email :


0.01-3299.999 MHz in AM, FM, WFM, SSB, CW and DV*2 modes

Icom IC-R2500

Wideband Mobile Receiver

  • Optional DSP capability with UT-106
  • CTCSS/DTCS tones and duplex mode operation for monitoring a repeater
  • VSC (Voice squelch control) opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected
  • IF filter selection for changing IF filter width
  • IF shift function (SSB, CW mode only)
  • Noise blanker eliminates pulse type noise such as engine ignition noise (SSB, CW, AM mode only)
  • AFC function follows the frequency drifts in FM mode (BW: 6kHz or 15kHz)
  • 20dB (approx.) RF attenuator (below 1300MHz)
  • 30 min - 2 hour auto power off timer
  • Fast/slow AGC setting
  • Short/long squelch delay
  • All IC-PCR2500 functions are available when connected to a PC
  • Cloning function allows you to read/write memory contents from your PC. Sharing the data with IC-PCR2500 is also possible.

  For price & availability, please email :


0.01-3299.999 MHz in AM, FM, WFM, SSB, CW and DV*2 modes

Icom IC-PCR2500

Wideband PC Receiver

  • Bandscope and time-line scope
  • Optional UT-106 DSP unit provides auto notch filter and noise reduction functions
  • Voice recording function
  • VSC (Voice squelch control) opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected
  • S-meter squelch
  • Pocket beep function
  • CTCSS/DTCS tones and duplex mode operation
  • IF filter selection for changing IF filter width
  • IF shift function (SSB, CW mode only)
  • Noise blanker eliminates pulse type noise such as engine ignition. (SSB, CW, AM mode only)
  • 20dB (approx.) RF attenuator (below 1300 MHz)
  • Auto memory write scan stores detected frequency and mode into the PC memory.
  • AFC function follows the receiving frequency when the frequency drifts in FM mode. (BW: 6kHz or 15kHz)
  • AGC function; Fast/slow setting is possible
  • 24-digit DTMF tone decoder
  • Squelch delay
  • Up to 2600 memory channels per file.

  For price & availability, please email :


The IC-R8500 covers a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 2000MHz (with 10Hz resolution) while maintaining a high receive sensitivity. The IC-R8500 is not simply a scanner, it is a professional quality communications receiver with versatile features that will appeal to both the serious receiver enthusiast or professional user.

  • Professional grade desktop receiver
  • Wide frequency coverage from 0.1 to 2000MHz
    Icom IC-R8500
  • All mode receive capability (FM, WFM, AM, USB, LSB, CW)
  • Superior receive characteristics
  • 1000 memory channels available
  • Versatile scanning functions
  • RS-232C interface
  • 8-character alpha numeric display for ease of use.


For price & availability, please email :

SE900 Discone Scanning Antenna.

RX: 25 ~ 900MHz

TX: 70 ~ 500MHz

Power: 200 Watts

Impedance: 50 Ohms

For price & availability, please email :

SE1300 Discone Scanning Antenna.


RX: 25 ~ 1300MHz

TX: 6m, 2m, 70cm, 32cm & 23cm band

Power: 200 Watts

Impedance: 50 Ohms





For price & availability, please email :

Please Be Aware That It May Be An Offence In Certain Countries To Monitor Some Frequencies.

Contact your local radio communications agency or dealer for information.

Prices and specifications are correct at date of publication but subject to availability or change without notice. Photos for illustrative purposes only - actual items may differ from photo.

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